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Images are easier for the brain to process and recall. It’s called the ‘picture superiority effect’.


Emoji are used by 92% of online consumers according to AdWeek.


Business continues to integrate emoji. Slack, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat…the list goes on.


An App Annie and Leanplum report shows an 82% rise in consumer engagement when emoji is added to push notifications.

Marketing Budgets

Where emoji are integrated and engagement is increased, marketing budgets are sure to follow.


Single and double emoji domains are extremely short meaning they are easier to recall and pass on through word of mouth.


A window of opportunity exists for brands who communicate with emoji domains. A brand will automatically stand out and create awareness. Subsequently, press may be achieved purely because an emoji domain is used, not how it is used.


Emoji domains are perfect for mobile navigation because of the integrated emoji keyboard. Mobile use has surpassed desktop in the developed world and mobile is the primary device in the developing world.


Emoji transcend language and are the native form of communication in mobile messaging apps which have surpassed apps in consumer engagement.

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